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what is videostreaming?

Streaming is a technology of continuous transmission of audiovisual material between the source and the end user. Currently, streaming is used mainly for transmitting audio-visual material over the internet (webcasting). Webcasting can be done in real time (Internet TV or radio), or system, Video on demand (eg. YouTube). For streaming video to multiple users simultaneously operator shall have available besides content also still streaming server, which communicates with the target computer and smooth data transmission.

video quality

On the transmission of audiovisual material over the Internet is necessary codecs to reduce the volume of data. To use most streaming Flash video codecs MPEG-4, Windows Media, Real Time and Quick Time. Even so, the transfer record in TV resolution (720 576) very challenging. Therefore, the most widespread streaming a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels at 256 to 512 Kbps bitrate.


audio quality

To streaming audio codec is used primarily Windows Media Audio (WMA), MP3, OGG, AAC + streamed usually from 16-256 kbps. Audio can be streamed as a single bitrate, which is one constant bitrate multibitrate, which is more constant data streams transmitted together in one data flow between the encoder and streaming server. The player that plays multibitrate stream from the server can then automatically change sound quality due to deterioration / improvement in the quality of the Internet connection listener.

pseudo streaming

Because streaming is the operator's streaming server, both financially and technologically demanding, has developed a simpler alternative for streaming audiovisual recording, which is called pseudostreaming. Pseudostreaming simulates actual streaming behavior, especially on the server side. Their capabilities and abilities far compares actual streaming. The aim of using pseudostreamingu is usually achieved at reasonable cost and standard software technology, the ability of the media player on the client side, move the timeline audiovisual recording at any position without requiring a user to wait for data to load the entire record.